Utthita – extended, stretched
Trikona (tri – three, kona – angle) – triangle


1. RENTRER in the posture:
Go to Tadasana.
Inhale, place your hands in front of your chest and jump into a medium leg gap, throwing your arms to the sides in a circular motion. The feet are parallel and the arms elongated in the extension of the shoulders, palms of the hands towards the ground (Utthita Hasta Padasana). Turn your left foot slightly inwards. Turn the right foot and leg 90 degrees to the right, the inner edge of the right foot parallel to the mat (Parsva Hasta Padasana).
The pelvis remains well from the front.
Raise your right arm, extend the bust far to the right and rotate your arms. Take the right tibia (ankle if possible) with the right hand and extend the left arm towards the ceiling. Turn your left hand forward and look towards the thumb of your left hand.
Breathe normally.

2. ACTIONS in posture:
Squeeze the outer edge of the left foot into the ground, press the inner edge of the right magpie into the ground and lift the internal arcs of both feet.
Stretch your legs by absorbing and climbing the kneecaps. The left knee looks forward and the right knee towards the middle of the right foot.
Turn the upper left thigh backwards (external rotation of the left thigh).
Open the left pelvis up and down. Bring the right hip to the left hip. Release the belly.
Back, torso and chest
Extend the two sides of the trunk parallel, away from the ribs of the basin. Turn the top of the bust towards the ceiling.
Turn the left shoulder backwards and tuck the right shoulder blade.
Roll your shoulders backwards away from your ears.
Stretch your arms to your fingertips.
Head and neck
Release and lengthen both sides of the neck. (If the neck is sensitive, look at the right foot rather than the hand in the air).
The back of the head, the back, the back of the pelvis and the back of the legs must be aligned.

3. SORTIR of the posture:
Stretch your legs, press with your feet in the ground and come back in Utthita Hasta Padasana. Do the other side. Lower your arms, jump to walk to approach your feet and return to Tadasana to relax.