Keeping up the pace during containment

  • Meditation every day as soon as the sun rises: 5 minutes while observing your breathing is enough!
  • Doing yoga every day: 30 minutes full of colour and fun!
  • Taking care of yourself through diet: Eating healthy helps stay healthy!
  • Take family walks: get in touch with nature … What a joy!
  • Giving joy and smiling: nothing is more beautiful and powerful!
  • Read a book: you can travel and escape without moving from your couch!
  • Accompanying your days with positive thoughts ️ the greatest gift you can give yourself!
  • Listen to a song and dance: let it go!
  • Sleeping in a good atmosphere: make your dreams come true!

This is the invitation of challenges that is thrown at you!

With heart

Niloufar – Cristina